AISECT Online is the latest in series of technology-enabled innovations which AISECT has been implementing in the field of Education and Training for past 25 years. AISECT Online is a new-age Learning Management System that will take full advantage of modern technology in further improving the quality of training for students and administrative processes for our learning centres, thus delivering a rich learning experience to our students. AISECT Online will empower students with anywhere, anytime access and foster a collaborative and interactive approach to learning.  

AISECT Online has been launched with the following objectives: 
* To benefit greater number of students through an interactive learning approach
* To impart quality education making use of the latest technologies
* To make use of technology in disseminating education to the hitherto unreached segment of our Society
* To bring all stakeholders of the vast AISECT community on one platform and develop a sense of togetherness amongst them  
* To make learning an overall hassle-free experience for both students as well as AISECT Learning Centre 
AISECT Online has been developed keeping in mind the basic issues of Accessibility and Affordability in Distance Education, due to which a large number of our youth still don’t have access to quality education infrastructure. AISECT Online shall contribute its part in bridging this gap by making quality education accessible to greater number of students. 





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